We all know how great our Governor is and he never ceases to amaze us! He cares about the people of Florida and is courageous in meeting challenges head on. As of now he has opened over 25 sites for performing the monoclonal antibody infusion treatments. If you check other states, they are significantly behind. Even Republican Texas has only two. But instead of praising our Governor who is responding to the pandemic with solutions and not cowering to fear, the out of control, Leftwing media ran with the story that Biden needed to curb Florida’s use of the monoclonal antibody infusion treatment medication because Florida was taking more than its fair share and thus not providing equal opportunities to other states. They intentionally forgot to mention there is no shortage of the monoclonal antibody medication. They screwed up again. DeSantis wins again against the Liberal left. Remember the Left will only tolerate Closures, Masks, Vaccines and Social Distancing, anything else and they will attack it. 


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